From Left: Vinit Jain (MBA), Siddharth Jain, (MBA)

 Founded by University of Victoria students and graduates, 
is a growing Victoria based company that was formed with and serves the sole motive of helping students with their housing needs.
Finding a suitable place to stay is a common challenge faced by international students coming to Canada.
Most universities/colleges have insufficient housing capacity and students often resort to online classifieds in their search for a home. With little information about the neighbourhood, sifting through thousands of listings spread across multiple sources can be overwhelming and lucrative deals turning out to be fraudulent only makes one's experience unpleasant. And this problem is not limited to the search. Even property owners are hesitant to place their trust in individuals they have neither met nor know much about.
We at SANPRA aim to relieve students of these hardships and provide them with a perfect place to call home.
Our expertise enables us to present clients with a focused portfolio of options to choose from and save them from possible frauds. We leverage our goodwill in the community and act as trusted representatives of tenants, fulfilling all legal and municipal formalities necessary for renting a home in Canada.
After all, a day should end with a cozy bed and roof overhead!